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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Am Going, written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion, H B Fenn. $10.99 ages 3 and up

"Well, I am going.
You are going!
You are going away?!

When Elephant hears that Piggie is going, he panics. He shivers, he shakes, he begs her to stay. Piggie cannot be deterred. Her plans must go ahead, despite Elephant's abject resistance. He is frightened about life without her...and the lack of activity that her absence will foster. Piggie is apologetic, but determined.

Elephant accepts her decision with derision and decides that he, too, will go. When Piggie accepts that decision and waits for his departure, Elephant hedges. He offers other alternatives. Nope, she's going and that's that! He begs and cries. Finally she gives him her reason for's lunchtime and she is hungry.

Will the lunch be BIG, Elephant wonders. What do you think? How will this day be for the two friends? I'll bet you can guess.

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