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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As you saw from my last post, I couldn't stand not telling you about the books I bought when I was travelling. I am home now and ready to start telling you about some of my favorite reads and books that I love to read, and then read again! I am going to go on a run about Mo Willems and his wonderful books for early readers. It is my contention that if we want kids to love to read, we need to make sure that they get the right book at the right time. The books need to do for children what we want books to do for us...inform, entertain, take us to new places and introduce us to amazing characters who make a lasting impression on us. If kids are going to be readers for life, they need to know that reading is worth the work, the time and the love! Off we go to see what Mo Willems has in store for all of us...

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