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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nana's Getting Married, written by Heather Hartt-Sussman and illustrated by Georgia Graham. Tundra, 2010. $19.99 ages 5 and up

"But ever since she met Bob, everuything has changed. Now Nana does her hair differently. She gets pedicures on Friday afternoons. And instead of staying home with me on weekends, she goes out with her boyfriend, Bob."

As readers of literature for the young, we are often privy to the feelings of sibling rivalry that results when a new baby arrives, or an older brother can do something that the younger one cannot, or a younger sister gets away with something that is not acceptable for the older ones. It is not often that we share stories of a grandparent's new love and subsequent changes that result for the jealous grandchild. At least, not until now.

Nana's love for Bob is the cause of much consternation for her young grandson. Since meeting her new love, Nana has changed her hair, wears flashy clothes, takes long bubble baths and wears makeup, for goodness sake!! The young man thinks it is GROSS and he approves of none of it.

The family tries everything to make the matter more palatable, but he refuses to change his opinion. He fakes illness, is naughty, cries, whines, pouts, and makes disparaging remarks to Bob about Nana's memory, her gallstones and even her bad knee. Bob shows no concerns...he thinks she is perfect!

When Nana sits him down and asks him to be their ring bearer when she marries Bob, his first reaction is an adamant refusal. But, Nana has some news for him and much reassurance. The day of the wedding dawns clear and bright, and no one is prouder of the two newlyweds that their very elegant and assured ring bearer!

Humorous dialogue, detailed artwork and a story with a bit of a twist make this a great readaloud. I know I will be using it as I make my rounds for 'I Love to Read' visits to schools in February. There is lots of room for expression in the reading, and to encourage discussions about change, and the new order of things.

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