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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spoon, written by Amy K Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon. Hyperion, HB Fenn, 2009. $20.50 ages 5 and up

"At bedtime, Spoon likes to hear the story about his adventurous great-grandmother who fell in love with a dish and ran off to a distant land."

Spoon comes from a long line of utensils. He and his family share much happiness and many adventures. As often happens, Spoon becomes enamored of being like someone else rather than just himself. He envies knife who can cut and spread. Additionally, fork can go most anywhere...swirling spaghetti, diving into the mooshy softness of a cake, even fighting the fire on the grill. Chopsticks...well, they are always together.

Spoon knows that others have some of those same feelings about him. After all, he's fun, he measures, he's OK on his own...the list goes on. But, spoon feels morose and needs Mom to remind him of the many things he would miss were he not a spoon, including the ability to snuggle when the opportunity presents itself. Good night!

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