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Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Baby blah blah blah! Written by Jonathan Shipton and illustrated by Francesca Chessa. Holiday House, T Allen, 2009. $22.95 ages 3 and up

"Well, the baby bump grew. And a little worry started to grow in Emily's mind. And the bigger the baby bump grew, the bigger Emily's worry grew."

When the worry got so big that Emily couldn't contain it any longer, she made a list...which was her way of keeping things in perspective. She mentions to her Dad that she has made a list and he is delighted. She's not sure he should be. Her list is shared and it tells all the good things about a baby, but there is another part. It lists all the things that babies do...dribble, spit up, cry, cry. cry! That is not all that is worrying Emily...she knows that when the baby comes there will be little time and attention paid to the big sister. It will be baby this, baby that, baby blah blah blah. Of course her parents reassure her and regale her with all the much loved stories of life since Emily's arrival. They will always love her, and hug her and make time for her. But, they have a little surprise!

This is such a wonderful readaloud. Emily's voice is so authentic and humorous and young listeners with babies in the house will understand every syllable she speaks and each concern she shares. What fun it is! The illustrations are detailed, childlike and will encourage much attention and talk. Be on the lookout for the hamster who tries to steal the show!

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