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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spectacular Now, written by Tim Tharp. Knopf, Random House, 2008. $19.99 ages 14 and up

"But the thing is I'll have to sneak out tomorrow night for the party, so I decide a Friday night in the privacy of my room won't be a bad change of pace. After all, I have my TV, my computer, my phone, and my tunes, not to mention my little blue ice chest for my 7Up and whiskies. Basically, I'm all set."

Everyone loves Sutter! He’s the life of the party and the guy everyone wants to be. He livens each event with his spirit and his charm. While he might not be a star student and has no real dream for a fantastic future, he is liked by the ladies and always willing to sing Dean Martin songs and share his Seagram’s. He thinks his life is quite fabulous, thank you very much. He awakens one morning on an unknown front lawn and meets Aimee…for the first time he wants more than a quick romance and he realizes that he can finally really make a difference in her life. This is a book that should be shared with high school students for its serious look at how teenagers rationalize their drinking habits, while losing control of themselves to the influence of alcohol.

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