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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The North Star, written and illustrated by Peter H Reynolds. Candlewick. Random House, 2009. $18.50 ages 6 and up

"The North Star is a story for all ages. Whether you are beginning a new journey, have decided to alter the direction of your life, or are starting out for the first time, this book is here to encourage you. Take a moment to slow down to a more thoughtful place, to ponder, reflect, imagine, and envision. Take the time to believe in your dreams, to celebrate possibility."

What an invitation! None of us know exactly where life's journey might lead, but we do know that we have choices to make along the way. When the little boy is born and learns to walk, he makes many discoveries as he wanders, naps, wonders and explores. It is not long until a trying-to-be-helpful cat convinces him that he should stick to the path and follow in the footsteps of all those who have gone before him. His journey rolls along for a while and then becomes quite arduous. Whenever he strays, he is reminded to put his feet upon the path once more. It is not until a bird reminds him that it is HIS journey that he looks beyond the path...and finds his own.

This gentle allegorical story is a reminder to each one of us to take the time to determine what we really want in the life we are leading. It offers a hopeful outlook and would be a perfect book for so many occasions...graduation, birth, a marriage, even the death of a loved one. And it is can provide inspiration upon rereading when we are in need of a little lift in spirits. Buy a few copies and have them on hand for those special events.

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